Valentine’s day … it’s all about the love!

Mimi clutches her Valentine Card ... note the Elmo sticker on her shirt

Mimi clutches her Valentine Card … note the Elmo sticker on her shirt

Love is in the air more than usual today don’t you think? Hubby and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day tonight with steaks grilled to perfection … and a veggie or two. Oh, and I’ve already purchased some limited edition strawberries to dip and drip chocolate on later. I know … I’m a sucker. But the words “limited edition” did just what some crafty marketing person intended … drew my left hand like a magnet to the strawberry crate.

But back to love. It’s comes in many forms today. My special needs daughter is so excited! There’s a Valentine’s party at the day center with cookies and candy and lots of fun. Mimi probably won’t want to eat dinner tonight … and that is SO okay.

Mimi is so blessed to have so many people who show their love to her all year long. Her sister, Katie, sends her singing cards. Mimi’s sister-in-law, Kate, sends her fluffy stuffed animals. Her godmother, Aunt Cece, sends her cards and little gifts. All for a 28-year-old wheelchair bound young lady perpetually stuck at the age of 3 or 4.

Today Mimi received a Valentine’s card and a sheet of Elmo stickers from my sister, Mimi’s Aunt Gretchen. You should have heard Mimi squeal when I opened the card for her! It is the same for every card sent her way. Love is all about those little special moments strung together like a long string of precious pearls. Perhaps we focus on those special moments a little more on Valentine’s Day. They happen at our house all year long.

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s day … it’s all about the love!

  1. Don’t forget how blessed the rest of us are because you “share” Mimi with us so we can have some of those “special moments”. Happy Valentine’s Day

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