Candy cane poinsettias!

I start my Christmas decorating each year by hanging my Christmas quilts. The adoration quilt in the foyer, Santa Baby hangs above the window seat in the family room, and the watercolor wreath quilt in my sewing room. Then everything else comes out slowly over the next few days. Yesterday, I finished decorating after heading out to Old Town Spring. They have a shop called The Brookwood Community store which is located at 318 Gentry Street. The shop is loaded down with all kinds of stunning poinsettia plants. I chose their Candy Cane Poinsettias. Just so you know … their six inch pots are $10.50. Their shop supports adults with disabilities in Brookshire, Texas.

Now I gotta get some serious Christmas shopping done!

The dog-chewed afghan has a new life

Earlier this year Lulu ate part of my husband’s afghan. We caught her red-handed, or red-pawed, depending on how you look at it. Yep … I already blogged about it. I didn’t have the heart to throw the afghan away so it sat neatly folded across the couch all tattered and torn-looking. Recently over Sunday dinner, my son-in-law mentioned that I really ought to fix it.

“Why don’t you just unravel the yarn and then sew it across the bottom?” Chad asked.

I started with this little rant about why you don’t “sew” yarn. Chad didn’t know it yet, but he had planted a seed.

I had been thinking for several months the afghan was unfixable. The project was knitted years ago. I didn’t have the knitting pattern anymore with the cable design. I didn’t know the size of the needles I had used. I knew there was no way I could find the same color yarn. That is a lot of negative stuff.

But Chad got me thinking. What if I just didn’t worry about the pattern matching? What if I got a different color yarn for the five or six inches I needed to add to the bottom so my husband’s toes didn’t stick out when he snuggled? Make it look like it was meant to be a different color. Yeah … I could totally do that!

After a road trip to my favorite yarn shop Twisted Yarns right down the street from Old Town Spring, I was ready to tackle the project!

It took a couple of week of searching all the nooks and crannies around the house to find the knitting needles and just a little while to unravel the bad part of the afghan. Then I picked up the stitches and knitted a bunch of rows.

Thanks Chad for the inspiration! What do you think of the results?

Poinsettias for a good cause

I’ve been in the Christmas spirit for nearly a week. So if you catch me humming a little Christmas tune in the grocery store … just pinch me and I promise to stop. Just finished putting the finishing touches on our home for Christmas. No presents under the tree yet. UPS and FedEx are busy assisting with that project.

The last decorating issue was the purchase of several lovely poinsettias. I bought them the other day at the Brookwood Store in Old Town Spring. The shop is open year-round, but really sparkles this time of year. They sell flowers, plants, garden statues and lots of interesting handcrafted gifts. Did I mention the poinsettias come in several different “flavors” with names like Red Glitter, Ice Crystal Pink, good old dependable red, pink, white and sometimes even exotic poinsettias called Monet and da Vinci? What I wouldn’t give to be a lady bug on the glass ceiling of their greenhouses!

Brookwood ( also has lovely retail stores located in Brookshire, Houston, Spring, and Katy all benefitting adults with special needs. It’s an organization with a mission near and dear to my heart. They have a residential facility and vocational program located 40 miles west of Houston. I used to dream that it would be a place our Mimi would someday thrive when hubby and I were too old and crackled to care for her. That special place has yet to be revealed.

So for now … we joyfully wait … for the reason for the season!