Little Christmas pillows!

My late sister, Mary, was an expert at cross-stitch! Her walls were filled with beautiful intricate samplers. I learned after she passed away, Mary had also taken many deep dives on eBay and purchased lots of unfinished cross-stitch projects never taken beyond the stitch phase. The unfinished projects eventually found a home at my brother’s house. It wasn’t until this past fall, I had the opportunity to have a peek at his treasure trove. I guess Carl could tell from my wide eyes, I was overwhelmed, intrigued, and very interested. Needless to say, I was gifted with lots of the little treasures. Some of the almost 20 projects also include little seed beads, metallic threads, and one, a metal charm.

I’ve been noodling ever since trying to figure out how to honor my sister’s great taste and the anonymous eBay stitchers! I even watched a few YouTube videos for inspiration.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve trimmed each project down, framed them in strips of Christmas fabric (1-1/4 inches wide), then backed each with something different, leaving a hole at the bottom, added stuffing, and some slip stitching. I am happy with the results!