Dixie in Florence, ItalyDixie Frantz is a wife, mother, Jake’s grandmother, writer, quilter, traveler, and lover of life. Most recently, we added another little grandson, who we call Baby Ben!

In early 2016, my husband of 45 years was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer and is being treated in a immunotherapy clinical trial at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas. I am blogging about this  cautionary tale which continues to humble us.

Dixie Frantz has written “You Gotta Laugh,” a humorous newspaper column, for the past 21 years, which has over the years appeared in 10 local Houston area newspapers. The columns showcase the funny, amusing, and sometimes touching, slices of life from the suburbs.

Dixie has lived all over the United States, moving to Houston in the middle of her senior year of high school, where she finally discovered Southern charm and hospitality. She married a very funny native Houstonian a year out of high school, and several years later had three hilarious kids. Her middle child/angel, Mimi, was born with cerebral palsy and is now 32 years old. When her youngest finally entered the first grade, Dixie, at the age of 40, started attending classes at the local community college. Baking a diploma in a warm oven from scratch, it took five years to complete a two-year degree. Dixie took classes while the kids attended school, studying painful subjects, such as college algebra, biology and British literature while they slept. It was there she discovered her love of writing. After completion of a Mass Communications class, her teacher, and also local newspaper editor, asked Dixie if she could write “funny.” The rest is history.

Her writing credentials include over 430+ humorous columns and bunches of feature and travel stories for a host of weekly newspapers. She is a “Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrates Teachers” contributor, contributed to “Secrets to Parenting your Adult Child” by Nancy Williams, has written for a national women’s magazine, MD Anderson Cancer Hospital’s blog, and contributed a parent column for a disability website. Her humorous ramblings also appear on several online sites.

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