Heart Stopper collage art quilt

It has been a number of months since my last blog post. I’m out of practice, but for good reasons. I’m still grieving the loss of my special needs daughter, Mimi, two years ago. And then my husband of almost 48 years passed away in March, after bravely fighting a brain tumor for over a year. He died the day the Houston Rodeo was shut down due to COVID. I’ve spent lots of my COVID shut-in time also making quilts. I’ve posted new photos to my Quilt Gallery page. Not all of them are collage art quilts.

My first new collage art quilt pattern is heart-shaped. I call it “Heart Stopper” dedicated to Mimi. The girl had the hugest heart, and like the quilt, she was very colorful and joyful.

You know … I always wanted to make a heart-shaped quilt for the month of February and now I have one. It will make me think of Mimi and Valentine’s Day.

Heart Stopper is 43 inches wide by 46 inches high and for sale in my Etsy shop. It is the perfect beginner pattern offered in pdf format (print out pages of the pattern and tape together for full-size pattern, as well as supply list and detailed instructions).

My next post will include tips and tricks on how to make the heart quilt. A couple of weeks ago I was able to teach this pattern virtually for Cupcake Quilt’s Quiltapalooza. The experience was so fun!

14 thoughts on “Heart Stopper collage art quilt

  1. Your quilts capture the spirit and joy of Mimi.
    Now you need to make a “hug” Quilt.
    She was the best hugger with a huge heart!

  2. Just like all your other quilts, this one is spectacular! It really does reflect MiMi and her special heart. I know she was known for her hugs but I always remember her smile. It was infectious!
    This whole COVID thing has sure hit those of us grieving with an additional hardship. I sure have missed you and Martha’s Quilters. Even tho I have moved I have always planned to come semi-frequently to our meetings – but now we haven’t even been able to do that. Sigh. Praying that we will all be allowed to meet again soon.

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