Nashville – Part one – historic hotel and getting around

It has been ten years since Katie and I took a mother/daughter trip … way too long. So much has changed since we last traveled. Uber is huge in Nashville and our basic mode of transportation when walking wasn’t an option. I think we saw a total of five cabs the entire three days we hung out in Nashville. The airport even has a sign entitled “ride share” to direct those needing transportation.

So why Nashville? OMG … for lots of reasons! How about country music, history, culture and amazing food! While we ran out of time, and nerve, we did NOT try Nashville’s spicy “hot chicken.” We also missed Robert’s Western World, a honky-tonk on Broadway, where we were told you have to order a fried bologna sandwich and a PBR. Maybe next time … only I will have to pass on the fried bologna ‘wich. Ate too many of those growing up.

We stayed at the historic Hermitage Hotel close to Legislative Plaza in Downtown Nashville. I give it five stars! I wish I had taken more photos of the hotel. Check out their website for lots more! The dude that took our luggage up to our room indicated we should be sure and visit the men’s room in the hotel … while not occupied of course. I know … sounds strange. It has an unique color scheme and two-person shoeshine station. Built in 1910, The Hermitage Hotel has a long history yet hasn’t aged a bit! We were impressed with the in-mirror television in the bathroom and each room had their own doorbell. You can tell I don’t get out much! Obviously, it is all about the little things at the Hermitage.

Hungry for lunch, we walked just a couple of blocks from our hotel to Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant on Church Street. A southern bar and grill, Puckett’s feels like an old-fashioned grocery store. Katie and I shared their BBQ sliders three ways (pulled pork, chicken and brisket) and sweet potato fries. It was a great way to be introduced to food in Nashville.

You might ask … why did we share lunch? We were saving room for our dinner that night at The Catbird Seat! For that you will have to stay turned to Nashville – Part Two.

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