Our kitchen remodel – week #5

Week #5 of our kitchen remodel has been pretty exciting. Basically, the floor was repaired, additional electrical work and so much more! My favorite part was the Kohler sink. It is beautiful! It is porcelain with black and brown speckles. Still couldn’t use the sink this week … but we are inching toward the finish line.

Oh … and then there was the granite installation. John, the granite dude, was in the driveway complaining about how difficult this particular granite was to shape. After about the third time telling me how combative the granite was I stepped back and pondered how I was going to turn him around. I didn’t want John and his crew being a bunch of grumpy bugs in my house all day. So I simply said, “But you are doing this for a very nice lady.” You should have seen his face. Changed everything! By the time he left the house about 5 o’clock he was giving me a hug goodbye.

The only negative thing I can say about the granite process is even though the granite pieces were cut they had to do some fine tuning. This created the biggest white dust cloud I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. And the wind blew most of it right over our neighbor’s house. Obviously, the next day I went to my local florist and hand delivered flowers.

Our backsplash also went up. Grout is next week. The Charley Harper art tiles are from Motawi Tile based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have some ladybug fabric based on his art and when I saw the art tiles, I thought they sure would make my kitchen a happy place.

Next week … appliances, hardware and the last of the lighting and some paint touchup … and then we are done!

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