Our kitchen remodel – week #4

Our kitchen remodel week #4 was pretty exciting … Baby Ben was born … Rick had his 9th clinical trial infusion … and there was lots of paint! This week priming and sanding of cabinets, texturing of walls and then final paint on cabinets happened. Lots of dust … and that “new paint” smell. It was a long week with painters in the house … but the results are so worth it! The cabinet color is “stucco.” The kitchen island color is called “caviar.” And the color of the walls, which we don’t have much of, is called “waterfall.” It totally matches the three art tiles which will go above the range. I know … it is a little different. Trust me. But then again … this is what happens after waiting 35 years to remodel a kitchen.

Rick is still creating delicious breakfasts on the grill on the weekends. Chances are a kitchen sink is in our future. A gas range can’t be far behind.

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