A cancer journey with immunotherapy – Infusion #8 and magical infusion #9

Since maintenance immunotherapy infusions are pretty routine stuff, I’ll be writing about them two at a time. Both infusion number 8 and 9, two weeks apart, started at 6:30 am with bloodletting. Only now since we are so far into the clinical trial, they only take about five vials instead of 15. Then we hang out for a couple of hours and wait for test results before meeting with clinical research peeps and oncologist. After bloodwork is blessed, we head up to 8th floor to wait for infusion. Usually back at home by 2 or 2:30. We can do this!

Infusion #9 was a pretty darn special forty-eight hours. Our daughter, Katie, went into labor with her second babe the day before the infusion. When I got the news, it took most of the morning to get my ducks in a neat little row. I quickly packed a bag, got a quick kennel reservation for Lulu, and a spot for Mimi at her respite house before heading into Houston for a few days. There was a high alert placed for our son-in-law’s parents, Nana Jana and Pee-Paw to assist with little Jacob. They drove in from the Dallas area. Yes … it would take four grandparents to take care of one little toddler! Jacob is a busy boy. Rick and I picked him up from daycare and then out to dinner. As Houston is not our usual arena, we relied on Yelp for dinner spots and almost wound up taking little Jacob to a sports bar. A quick call to our daughter in labor and we settled into a more appropriate dinner spot.

The following morning, also infusion #9 day, grandson Baby Ben arrived … 8 pounds, 7 ounces! Rick started his day at MD Anderson. After dropping off Jacob at daycare, I hurried to get my paws on our newly born Baby Ben. Such a handsome little guy! I am in serious love! Later in the day, I arrived at MDA to supervise Rick’s infusion. Afterward, we headed around the corner to see Baby Ben. I have an adorable photo of Pop-Pop wearing his hospital bracelet from MDA holding Baby Ben all tightly wrapped up with his hospital bracelet. All in all, an interesting infusion #9 we will never forget! Prayers and MDA made this magical moment possible!

2 thoughts on “A cancer journey with immunotherapy – Infusion #8 and magical infusion #9

  1. So happy to hear all the good news!
    Congratulations on baby Ben!
    Really pleased The infusions are moving along so well!
    So when will you begin your book on the art of multi tasking? WOW!

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