Our kitchen remodel – week #2

Gotta tell you, as kitchen remodels go, work during the second week has been kinda boring. But I realize … very necessary. Basically, we had a plumber dude come out to set the gas line for the old switcheroo from electric to gas range. The outside walls were re-insulated. Oh, and the walls and ceiling were buttoned up with sheetrock and floated. This was especially nice since I’ve been having nightmares of bugs dropping out of the ceiling holes at night.

We are moderately adjusting to not having a kitchen sink and dishwasher. My favorite part of this whole remodel adventure is Rick cooking Saturday morning breakfast on the grill. Week #2 saw perfection in cooking hash browns!

Our dog, Lulu, seems to be hanging in there with all the noise and people she deems as extra special scary.

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