Our kitchen remodel – week #1

So my thirty-five year old kitchen is getting a major makeover. It was a sad thing … my kitchen … but with lots of wonderful memories made over the years. So many family dinners. My kids learned to bake cookies sitting on that kitchen counter and to this day are awesome cookers and bakers. And too many holiday dinners to count on both hands and feet. Well, it’s time to make some new memories!

It took just two dusty days to demolish the crusty stuff down to the studs. Thank you Finishing Touches! I understand getting it put back together in working order will take approximately four to five weeks. That would mean Thanksgiving in a new kitchen! During the first week, we have already seen part of the kitchen put back together. We also had the electrical roughed-in and a layout planning meeting with the cabinet maker.

Some of the things we are changing: gas cooktop/electric oven … painted cabinets … an island … tile backsplash with some art tiles (call me crazy) … an interesting sink choice (stepped out of our “boring” zone on this one) … and granite! Rick and I collaborated on most all of the choices, but I also worked with an awesome designer on colors, etc. so our kitchen didn’t look like Walt Disney threw up all over it in the end.

OK … so I know the really fun stuff hasn’t happened yet! Give it a couple of weeks!

Things I have learned … how to use paper and plastic eating utensils to the max! Oh how much I miss my kitchen sink. Living with the refrigerator and microwave in the living room is really quite handy … but weird!

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