A cancer journey – the third infusion

Infusion drugs!

On Monday, Rick gave lots of blood for MDA to work with. It is MD Anderson’s clinical trial standard operating procedure. The following day we were to  see the doctor and have the infusion. I counted 15 vials of blood taken and I didn’t even faint. OK … I got a little weak in the knees maybe. I don’t know how the lab technicians do this all day.

On Tuesday, we met with Dr. Campbell, our kidney oncologist. Rick’s blood work continues to majorly improve. Yeah! Dr. Campbell also noted that if he didn’t know exactly where the lump on his chest was located, he would have missed it. He estimated the size now at approximately one centimeter. Lots of smiling while this sinks in! The CT scan in a couple of weeks will give us lots more information, but for now, the signs are all there that the immunotherapy infusions are working their magic.

Next we headed over to the MDA’s Main Building for the last of Rick’s long infusions of the two drugs. The Main Building reminds me of the wild west … a lot rowdier than the calm atmosphere of the Mays Building. It was new territory for us as we had always headed up to the 8th floor of the Mays Building for infusions. Not a big deal except I had to figure out where to go to get Rick’s IV started. It has been our experience, so far, the nurses who drip the drugs are not as well versed in starting IV’s. Not to worry … MDA has people that are expert IV starters. Just ask me … I will tell you where to find them.

The infusion started late and took four hours this time. Our world record was five hours … not counting waiting to get in the door! Yeah … you can burn a whole day hanging out at MDA but then they give you a warm blanket and the tension melts away. Katie drove her dad home for me again so I could get back home for Mimi’s bus. What would I do without her?

As I made my way to collect my car from valet parking I had my own adventure. Not to worry … no blood was spilled. The valet dudes were a little pokey in getting me my car keys. Instead a Valet Supervisor came toward me with a clipboard. Not a good sign. Seems one of the valet drivers backed my car, which has backup camera, into a concrete pillar and crunched one of the tail lights and messed up the paint. Really? In the grand scheme of things … not as big a deal as Stage IV Kidney Cancer … and they are paying to fix it.

11 thoughts on “A cancer journey – the third infusion

    • MD Anderson is doing so many great things in the area of cancer. They have many clinical trials for different kinds of cancer. In our short experience at MDA, I’ve already met many patients hanging in waiting rooms sharing their success stories. Praying your friend finds a cure! 🙂

      • She is at Memorial Sloane Kettering and they want to put her in a clinical trial. She is only 43 years old and the cancer is in her colon, liver, lungs and aorta. Thank you.

      • Encourage her to look into the clinical trial! At first my husband felt like a “lab rat” but these trial take years and they are seeing so many patients improve dramatically! If the trial is for immunotherapy related … even better! It is the wave of the future.

      • Thank you she had a liver biopsy Wednesday and they installed the port. They said after they get the results of the biopsy they will know what chemo to use. Yes she is going to do the clinical trial for sure. Pray for continued positive news for your husband

      • I am so glad she is so close to treatment! Prayers headed her way! Also … I started following your blog! Thanks for following me! Can’t wait to read your posts! 🙂

  1. Another great blog, Dixie! Wonderful news that the therapy seems to be working so quickly!! Prayers will continue but seeing the miracles God works thru these caring and dedicated medical personnel is just awesome to witness!
    As huge as MDA is, it really isn’t that hard to navigate it, is it? But there is a reason the joke is that the M & D stands for “Most of the Day!!
    So sorry about your car. But it is just another admirable trait about MDA that they are taking responsibility for it. So many places won’t.
    “Don’t sweat the small stuff. And it’s all small stuff.” Good mantra to have after cancer.
    Love & prayers to you & your family.

  2. So good to hear this promising update. You are blessed to have Katie and Rick blessed to have you and Katie….and, well, a whole family and community of friends travel the journey with Rick and you. I love the lesson at the end. You and I are very aware ‘Not to Sweat the Small Stuff’. Easier said than done. I’ll bet the valet supervisor thought ‘That lady was very cool in light of what we did to her car’. Praying for you always.

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