A cancer journey – after the first infusion

Infusion drugs!
Rick had his first infusion last week. That moment when the first drug started dripping was very emotional for both of us. We had experienced so many lows with weeks of diagnostic testing and each day I watched as Rick got weaker and weaker. Every time I pulled my car into MDA’s valet parking, I asked, “Do you need a wheelchair today?” I hoped he would say, “No … I can do this.” But four out of five times, he said, “Yes.”

Now as I watched the immunotherapy drug go drip, drip, drip, I teared up. And I also noticed the relief on Rick’s face. Anxiety lifted replaced with a kind of euphoria. This was real.

Five hours later when we were about to leave, the nurse whispered something into Rick’s ear. I found out later she told him the next three days would be hard. She was right. Rick ached all over, was incredibly fatigued, and nauseous. I made lots of runs to Smoothie King. Each day after that was a little better.

The following Monday, six days after the infusion, Rick is taking out the trash and feeding the dog. And now we are weaning him off the mega-meds. Wish me luck!

This week I learned … Smoothie King soothes a sour tummy … we can do this without a wheelchair … our immediate and extended family, parish and Shell family are so awesome in many ways … our stack of get well cards, as well as Masses said for Rick is approaching three inches thick.

4 thoughts on “A cancer journey – after the first infusion

  1. I found myself holding my breath as I read this, and let it out in a whoosh when I read a return to energy and feeling better. Praying for a continuation of feeling better. Praying for strength and hope for both of you. And praying you will feel God’s presence and comfort. Love you, Cousin.

  2. Praying for continued stronger days and for comfort and healing. I love you both. Nancy Hickman Rutherford

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