A cancer journey … first infusion!

Yesterday was a huge day for Rick at MD Anderson. We had our bag packed with prayer quilt from Martha’s Quilters, assorted snacks and our smiles! After twenty-two tests, meetings with doctors or staff over several weeks, we finally qualified for a promising clinical trial. On Monday, they randomized the three drug choices Rick would receive. We got the immunotherapy drug Nivolumab and Bevacizumab, which stops the growth of new blood vessels that provide nutrition for cancer cells. Just don’t ask me how to actually pronounce the name of drugs.

So I learned immunotherapy works with the immune system to treat cancer. Rick’s kidney oncologist explained that these drugs turn his T-cells into supermen and they fight the cancer. He will have a total of three infusions every other week for six weeks to cool the kidney down. Then that darn kidney gets taken out. After that … infusions for a long time.

His first infusion appointment would last five hours and it pretty much did. Rick’s oldest awesome sister, Bonnie, hung out with us in the Peach Suite on the 8th floor, where the infusion happened. We made it a party even though it was serious business. We had the nicest ladies on the planet taking care of Rick.

We get a break from making that trek to the medical center for a couple of weeks to concentrate on getting Rick well! It’s a good thing … gotta catch on my laundry!

Thanks for the cards, prayers and phone calls. We are so blessed.

5 thoughts on “A cancer journey … first infusion!

  1. It’s good to get your updates so to journey along with you and Rick abd all who pray and care so much. I am amazed at your closing remark… We are blessed. Having gone on my own cancer journey 10 years ago I learned so much about what being blessed is all about. Short and sweet….it’s finding joy in our journey. For me that joy comes from knowing the Giver of Lfe, true love, true peace.. . Jesus. That’s Who I am lifting all of my prayers to for you, Rick abd the entire family.

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