Our Adventure Wall

I saw this post on Facebook the other day about “How to Hang Pictures.” It made me think about our “Adventure Wall” in our family room. I have always meant to write a blog post about it. One photograph gave me the idea for the wall. It was one of our son while he was studying abroad several years ago in Spain. Ricky also had the opportunity to travel all over Europe. Oh, and after college graduation he traveled throughout Peru for three weeks with his sister. They brought back hundreds of amazing photographs. But there was one particular photograph of Ricky curled up in a window opening in Dubrovnik that always made me smile. It caught the essence of this funny guy that I call … my awesome son!

But you know … I’ve gathered lots of photos over the years and finally decided it was time to display them so I could look at them all the time. My daughter, Katie, is also a world travel and inspired us to do some traveling. Yep, we have a few hundred photo memories of our own.

Collaborating with the engineering hubster, we came up with a plan. I picked my absolute favorite sixteen photographs … eight horizontal and eight vertical. I had them enlarged to 11″ by 14″ and purchased mats and frames on sale.

It took us one whole day to hang the photos. Hubby utilized his AutoCAD program so we would get super precise with the layout.

Now when I walk past the wall … I dream of where that next adventure will lead us.

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