I went to the Houston Car Show … by myself!

Yep … I’m a rebel. I went to the Houston Car Show yesterday all by myself. There is a good reason for that! We are in the market for a wheelchair accessible vehicle to take our special needs daughter on adventures. The car show seemed like a great place to check out accessible vehicles. Follow link above to find out everything you need to know about the car show!

So for the past four years, hubby and I have been lifting Mimi out of her wheelchair and securing her in the back seat of our normal “not accessible at all” car. Then we break down her wheelchair and collapse it, stow it in the back, and off we go. Some time over the past few years we got older … which kinda sucks … and Mimi packed on a few pounds so I could no longer lift her by myself into the car.

I don’t know when they came up with the technology, but they now lower floors on minivans and have manual ramps that even I can use all by myself! I’m thinkin’ this may be the way to go! Mike Murphy, with Adaptive Driving Access, showed me around and we chatted about the process. Thanks Mike! Hopefully, in a five or six weeks Mimi will have some new wheels!

So since I was there anyway, I decided to take a gander at all the really cool cars. Lots of eye candy! The last day for the Houston Car Show is Sunday. Be there … or be a square, rectangle or a triangle.

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