Quilts made in 2015 … and what I’m working on!

Thought I’d do a little recap on quilts I’ve made in 2015. This year I finished five quilts. That is one more than last year. I counted the paper-pieced Nativity Quilt as one of the “finished” quilts even though it was a group project. We all clocked lots of hours on this one. It was such a privilege getting to work on such a lovely project and we finished it in ten weeks. So … two of the quilts were given to charities, two were gifts, and I kept the 2014 Texas Row by Row quilt.

I started piecing several quilts in 2015 that will be finished in 2016 … a mystery quilt … it is the Fat Quarter Shop’s Designer Mystery Quilt. And then I have a couple of rows finished on my 2015 Row by Row. The theme for the rows in 2015 was water. This year my rows are not exclusively from Texas. My friend, Michele, picked up two awesome rows for me from quilt shops in Louisiana. Can’t wait to get this one finished.

I am looking forward to see what adventures in quilting await in 2016! Stay tuned!

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