I went to the Houston Car Show … by myself!

Yep … I’m a rebel. I went to the Houston Car Show yesterday all by myself. There is a good reason for that! We are in the market for a wheelchair accessible vehicle to take our special needs daughter on adventures. The car show seemed like a great place to check out accessible vehicles. Follow link above to find out everything you need to know about the car show!

So for the past four years, hubby and I have been lifting Mimi out of her wheelchair and securing her in the back seat of our normal “not accessible at all” car. Then we break down her wheelchair and collapse it, stow it in the back, and off we go. Some time over the past few years we got older … which kinda sucks … and Mimi packed on a few pounds so I could no longer lift her by myself into the car.

I don’t know when they came up with the technology, but they now lower floors on minivans and have manual ramps that even I can use all by myself! I’m thinkin’ this may be the way to go! Mike Murphy, with Adaptive Driving Access, showed me around and we chatted about the process. Thanks Mike! Hopefully, in a five or six weeks Mimi will have some new wheels!

So since I was there anyway, I decided to take a gander at all the really cool cars. Lots of eye candy! The last day for the Houston Car Show is Sunday. Be there … or be a square, rectangle or a triangle.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast!

Bacon and egg cups
I have a guest contributor for this week’s blog post. Aleta is my lovely daughter-in-law’s mother and readily confesses that her “happy place” is the kitchen. I adore her like a sister and not just because she cooks and bakes well! We spent the last week of 2015 happily hanging out with family at a beach house in Galveston playing board games, cooking, fishing and exploring The Strand in Galveston.

This particular recipe is adapted from Tasty, a page on Facebook that does all those clever food videos. It seems to be a recent phenomena like Tip Hero and Cooking Panda. Just “like” their Facebook page and all kinds of easy recipes magically pop into your newsfeed. The heavily edited videos are short and often feature an empty bowl, ingredients being pored into it, stirred around, manipulated further and then the end result. Just share the video and you can view it on your page forevermore and watch it over and over!

Lately many of the videos seem to be featuring canned pizza dough as the main ingredient. I suspect a clever marketing ploy by the Pillsbury people. Consider me hooked! I’ve already made the pretzel pigs in a blanket, and my personal favorite, a ham and swiss rollup recipe with poppy seeds that were crowd pleasers!

So if you want to make the bacon and egg cups, which taste even better than they look, try the following recipe featured on Tasty, and adapted by Aleta, as follows:

12 Bacon Egg Cups

6 slices of bread
6 tablespoons shredded cheese
12 slices of bacon (use pre-cooked … less grease)
12 eggs
salt and pepper

With a jar or cookie cutter, cut 2 circles into each piece of bread. Place in greased muffin tin cups. Wrap a piece of pre-cooked bacon along the edge of each muffin cup. Sprinkle 1/2 tablespoon cheese into each cup and then top with an egg. Season with salt and pepper and bake at 400 degrees F/204 degrees C for 15 minutes (longer for firmer yolk). Top with green onion.

Quilts made in 2015 … and what I’m working on!

Thought I’d do a little recap on quilts I’ve made in 2015. This year I finished five quilts. That is one more than last year. I counted the paper-pieced Nativity Quilt as one of the “finished” quilts even though it was a group project. We all clocked lots of hours on this one. It was such a privilege getting to work on such a lovely project and we finished it in ten weeks. So … two of the quilts were given to charities, two were gifts, and I kept the 2014 Texas Row by Row quilt.

I started piecing several quilts in 2015 that will be finished in 2016 … a mystery quilt … it is the Fat Quarter Shop’s Designer Mystery Quilt. And then I have a couple of rows finished on my 2015 Row by Row. The theme for the rows in 2015 was water. This year my rows are not exclusively from Texas. My friend, Michele, picked up two awesome rows for me from quilt shops in Louisiana. Can’t wait to get this one finished.

I am looking forward to see what adventures in quilting await in 2016! Stay tuned!