Nativity paper-pieced quilt – part nine – it’s done!

We are finished with the Nativity quilt! Lots of detailed quilting was added this week. Check out the donkey’s mane and the manager! We certainly have some talented ladies.

Two of our paper-piecing ladies were not present for our group photograph … Liz and Lynn. Marie and Maria joined us for the group photo. They did not participate in the paper-piecing part of the quilt but were such a great help with hand sewing the binding and hiding the thread tails.

The Nativity quilt will appear at all Masses in the narthex this weekend and will be auctioned in the live auction at St. Martha’s Fall Festival on Saturday, October 3.

Martha’s Quilters also has a booth with lots of wonderful handcrafted items at the Fall Festival!

9 thoughts on “Nativity paper-pieced quilt – part nine – it’s done!

  1. Dixie – The quilt is absolutely beautiful and an amazing piece of work! I hope you get buckets of money but more importantly, that the person who buys it appreciates all the hard work. Good job to all!!!!


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  2. Dixie, this quilt is too wonderful for words! It was good before being quilted, but now it’s really fabulous! Thanks for sharing the story!

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