2014 Texas Row By Row Quilt complete

I finally finished my 2014 Texas Row by Row quilt and just had to share! Now just so you know, an official Row By Row quilt has eight rows. But for my purposes, the quilt would have been way too long to hang in my sewing room. So I decided to place five rows on the front and three on the back. I always like it when I flip a quilt over and there is a surprise … don’t you?

The fabulous Kim Norton of A Busy Bobbin suggested the bluebonnet quilting pattern. The thread choice is a light blue and really looks striking against the Texas flags row.

Did I mention that I use Personalize It to make my quilt labels? They are also great to work with and seem to know when I walk in the door that I have finished another quilt! By the way, they have a lovely shop! I bought Jake’s monkey blankie there and they had his name on it the next day. It is great being a grandma!

So the 2015 Texas Row By Row is starting up in a couple of weeks. Basically, it is a shop hop that lasts all summer and into the fall. It starts June 21, and lasts until September 18. Each participating shop offers a free row pattern they have designed with a fabric kit for sale. I have provided the link above if you are interested in participating!

I have been keeping track of what quilt shops are coming up with this year as the website rolls out the rows to see which ones I might want to visit … or “pretty please” a friend, or family member, to visit for me if the shops are too far away. This year the theme is “water.” Sounded like a challenging theme when I am craving cowboy boots and more Texas flags but I remain optimistic!

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