Spiritual batteries recharged!

This past weekend I went on St. Martha’s ACTS Retreat as a team member. I had the privilege of helping host just over 40 retreatants. To say it was a spirit-filled party was an understatement. Set just north of Tomball, Texas at Circle Lake Retreat Center, the setting was perfectly serene.

Almost exactly a year ago I attended as a retreatant. Back then, I so lamented my lack of a camera to catch the beauty of the place. Not this time! I purposely kept my photos devoid of people … except for St. Francis! As we were all kept VERY busy, I missed so many little pockets of the lovely center. My deepest regret was not having my camera in my pocket in the early morning when the steam rose off the lake. It was simply beautiful.

11 thoughts on “Spiritual batteries recharged!

  1. Beautiful pics Dixie. God has given us so many gifts, His gorgeous creation is just one of them! Glad you had this time.

  2. What a wonderful place! I’ll try to imagine the steam wafting off the lake đŸ˜‰
    I think this looks like just the kind of place St Francis would love skipping through!

  3. Dixie, great pics. To say the least, as a retreatant, this retreat changed my life and I thank all of you for my experience.

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