2014 Texas Row By Row Quilt – Part One

I finally almost have all my eight rows pieced together on my 2014 Texas Row by Row Quilt. The 2014 Texas project began last summer (started in June and ended in September). I noticed the pieced row hanging on the wall behind the cash register when I visited our local quilt shop, The Quilt Room, in Huffman. After collecting eight patterns from different shops, this is one of my favorite rows!

The gist of the experience is to create a quilt using at least eight different row patterns collected from participating shops. It is kinda like geocaching, or a ginormous Easter egg hunt, only more fun if you are a quilter because fabric is involved. The participating shops create a pattern which is free. They also sell the fabric for the row.

This pattern is from Sew Let’s Quilt It in Dallas. I wasn’t able to travel to Dallas but the pattern and kit became available for shipping after the event was over. They gave me enough fabric for two rows so I shared with my friend, Sally, who picked up a row for me! You see how this works?

This row and fabric came from Quilter’s Patch in Victoria, Texas. My little sister, Gretchen, picked this row/fabric kit up and mailed it to me. I have to admit to a little bribery. I told her if she did me this favor I’d make her a table runner for Christmas! She probably would have done it for me for nothing. It’s the kind of person she is!

Sew Contempo has a lovely shop! I wanted to linger but had to get back home. I love the colors they chose for his block! It was fun to put together.

Next post will show off my last four rows!

This year’s 2015 Texas Row by Row starts in mid-June and I hear the theme will be water. This year lots more Houston-area shops will be participating. I’m pretty excited as I think Sally and I have hooked Michele into joining in the treasure hunt for quilt patterns!

Follow link to find out what is planned this year for 2015 Row by Row Experience. The project began in 2011 with just 20 shops participating in New York. In 2015, all 50 states and Canada will be participating!

3 thoughts on “2014 Texas Row By Row Quilt – Part One

    • When the 2015 Row by Row gets closer you can view the different shops’ rows on the website and decide if you want their row … but you have to go to the shop in person. 🙂

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