Santa Baby quilt

I finally finished my “Santa Baby” quilt!!! I purchased the book and kit during the 2013 Quilt Festival from The Buggy Barn. Their book is entitled “Positively Crazy.” The kit made up 16 Santa blocks. When all was said and done, I choose nine for a smaller wall hanging. The original quilt with all 16 blocks is 84″ X 84″ and just too large for my purposes. I still have three finished blocks that will eventually be turned into a table runner. Three of the blocks turned out mediocre so you can imagine where they are now residing.

I have to say this was the most challenging quilt I ever made. I should have read the directions three times before starting instead of two. The basic premise is stacking 16 layers of fabric (lights and darks), ironing a template on top of the layers, and cutting the layers with a mega-large rotary cutter. It was a little challenging with so many layers and pieces. My biceps are a tad larger after the cutting process! The sewing was fun, but I had trouble with things like getting Santa’s boots to not be pointy, tree trunks a little too thin to my liking, etc.

After the top was finished, I headed over to consult with Kim Norton, owner of A Busy Bobbin. We talked about custom quilting and I totally let her take over with design and thread choices.

I love what Kim did with the quilt!

After sewing on the binding, the identifying patch on the back and the sleeve it was finally ready to hang! What do you think?

19 thoughts on “Santa Baby quilt

  1. I love it. What a wonderful pattern and what a beautiful job you did. I got out my Christmas decorations today, and once again thanked you in my heart for making our first Christmas post-fire joyful. Your talent is only exceeded by your large loving heart, cousin.

  2. I also bought the book with the pattern only from Stichin Heaven in Mineola Texas. I cut out all the pieces and finished 7 blocks, then we moved. I cannot find my book but found all my pieces safely stored away. I was able to reasemble santa’s pieces but for the life of me cannot remember how to attach the background pieces to santa or the tree. Can you offer any help? I’m desperate. Thanks.

    • Thanks so much! It is one of my favorite quilts! Unfortunately, the company went out of business a couple of years ago. You might be able to get their book somewhere else. It is entitled, “Positively Crazy” by The Buggy Barn. It was published in 2010. The book has a paper pattern included which you really need to make the blocks. I purchased it several years ago at the Quilt Festival as a kit. I loved their fabric choices.

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