Holland’s Haarlem

I wanted to write several more posts about Holland before I wander on to other subjects. We visited Haarlem on the same day as Delft and the Kinderdijk. In retrospect, maybe we should have traveled to two places instead of three. I have a few regrets. I was reading Corrie ten Boom’s book “The Hiding Place” on the plane. Her family home/watch shop was right there in Haarlem. Corrie and her family hid Jews during World War II. Corrie also worked for the Dutch Resistance and survived a concentration camp. Several members of her family did not. But alas, we got to Haarlem too late to tour it. And the Grote Kerk, or Great Church, was also closed. The 15th century church filled the town square. On two of its sides were tiny little shops built onto the outside of the church. Most unusual but it totally worked! But we had a great dinner at a tapas restaurant celebrating hubby’s and Kate’s birthdays. We sat outside sharing eight little delightful tapas plates while the day turned to evening. After that … one last stop for gelato. It was another magical day.

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