When things go RIGHT regarding Amsterdam

Lovely Joordan areaToday was a pretty good day! I received in the mail from our credit card company a letter regarding our dispute with the dude who double booked the apartment we were to rent in Amsterdam. See my previous post from September 21. The temporary credits were made permanent! Note to all those reserving accommodations … use a credit card … and keep all correspondence, etc. regarding the rental. I really credit my awesome husband with writing down the entire scenario on his iPad the day of the event while tempers were red hot and details laundry fresh while I was on the phone with the credit card people for hours disputing the charge. There is justice!

Also, today is the second anniversary of my blog! Go ahead … have a piece of toast … or if you would rather … toast to another year of blogging! Statistics for the past year include 35 posts, 554 followers, 4,502 blog views (doubled from last year) with 52 countries viewing from as far away as Iceland and Hong Kong!

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