Jan’s house quilt

I belong to an awesome quilt bee group called “Bloom Where You’re Planted.” We get together twice a month at someone’s house and generally do what ladies do … quilt, inspire each other, laugh a lot, chat and sometimes even go on field trips like to museums, movies, quilt shops … fun stuff like that. I can’t recall when I joined … well over five years ago I guess. I just know these talented ladies have also made me a better quilter.

So when someone moves away … I hate when that happens … we make the member leaving a house-themed quilt … in secret. The bee member that leaves may know we are up to something, but they don’t get to see our parting gift quilt until it is completely finished. Since I’ve been in the bee, we have made one for Karen and Toni … casualties of retiring husbands. I miss them both. Then Jan moved to Oregon. Another one of those retiring things. Miss her also! Only this time Jan’s house sold very fast and then … poof … she was gone. The moving van pulled out of her driveway way before we had time to get the quilt finished.

So fast forward a few months … Jan finally received her quilt in the mail this week. Now I can blog about it. I thought it would be fun to write about the evolution of our quilt to Jan! We’ve been taking pictures for a few months now. The first time Tina, Moni, Loretta, Carol, Gwenn and I all met to discuss the project, we tossed around quilt books with house patterns. We finally chose one from one of Loretta’s books. She has quite the awesome quilt library! The pattern we picked is a “Piece O’Cake” design called “Houses @ Maple Ridge.” We all agreed after we stitched the block it would probably be our new favorite.

After settling on the design, we kicked around the colors for the individual blocks. Everyone brought scraps from their stash and played with fabric choices. I chose a medium and navy blue house with a yellow and navy roof. Each block would have a white background. Once everyone had their blocks stitched up they were auditioned for a position in the quilt. Toni, who moved away before Jan, even made one of the blocks. Toni is not pictured in our final photograph, but certainly resides in our hearts as well as in one of the quilt blocks.

After the nine blocks were joined, sashing and borders were added to complete the top. Next, we pin-basted the top to the batting and backing. Tina worked her magic machine-quilting the quilt and making the awesome label for the back of the quilt. I sewed the binding to the quilt and Carol hand-stitched the binding to the back. It was definitely a team effort!

Tell me what you think!

7 thoughts on “Jan’s house quilt

  1. Beautiful story Dixie. Now I know more about where you “hang out” when I can’t get ahold of you :). What a blessing! Love the house quilt. Makes me think of Michelle always asking people to draw her a house!

  2. Love the quilt, Dixie. Wish I had known or thought about contributing. I do believe it is my favorite as well. Mine is hanging in my sewing room so I get to think about you guys every time I go in to sew. Hope all of you are doing great.

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