Help astronaunt make a quilt!

Did you know that one of our astronauts is a quilter? Her name is Karen Nyberg. I recall seeing a photo of her in our Houston newspaper hand-piecing a square in space while on board of the International Space Station. I was impressed.

So when I saw the flyer at the Quilt Festival last fall, I certainly grabbed one. Calling all quilters! Create just one star-themed block. Make it measure 9-1/2″ square unfinished. Your choice of colors … traditional or modern. No embellishments. And don’t forget to sign your block with permanent ink on the front with your name and location. In other words, c’mon quilters, here is your big chance. Mail your block by August 1, 2014, and you too can be a small part of a ginormous quilt in Houston’s 40th-Anniversary International Quilt Festival this fall.

Address is as follows: Star Block Challenge, Attn: Rhianna Griffin, 7660 Woodway, Suite 550, Houston, TX 77063. Be there or be square … or should I say … exactly 9-1/2 inches square!

3 thoughts on “Help astronaunt make a quilt!

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