I love my Christmas LED lights!

I don’t know what boulder I’ve been living under. I’ve just discovered battery-powered LED Christmas lights. My friend, Gwenn, was telling us at our annual Christmas Bee Party (basically, we are friends who quilt) this week.

“I have them all over my house. I love them,” Gwenn said.

Since I don’t frequent hardware establishments unless hubby gives me a very detailed list, I didn’t have a clue what they were. Bells went off in my head as I looked at our mantle … decorated … but certainly lacking in the “sparkle” arena. Note the “before” and “after” shots.

My only complaint with the LED lights I purchased is you have to have a very teeny tiny cross-point (Philips) screwdriver (not included in the box). I struggled with my tiny sewing machine (common) screwdriver for 45 minutes before my husband came home from work. Give me a sewing machine over a screwdriver any day. I did get two screws out, but it was a struggle. Also, each LED strand requires 4 AA batteries.

Bottom line … love the lights! Get some before they run out!

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