A twist on ‘Sharing Sunday’

This year for ‘Sharing Sunday’ at St. Martha’s Catholic Church in Kingwood, hubby and I cashed in a year’s worth of small change before heading down to our local toy store. On the Park (www.onthepark.com) is a lovely toy store that really shines this time of year … and they gift wrap … not my strongest gift. We came out of there with 10 baby gifts. It was a new world’s record for the Frantz family. We usually wind up with 5 or 6 baby dolls.

Our “twist” to our church’s event this year was all the gifts purchased were for babies about eight months old. Yep … we are getting in some practice on what it will be like being grandparents. Our first will be born in May … so by next Christmas we will have an eight-month-old bouncing on our knees.

I wrote a column this week about this very subject for my newspaper (www.ourtribune.com) with lots more words … no photographs … because that is what columns are … lots of words. You can also check it out on the “You Gotta Laugh” tab of this blog in case you are interested.

I love my Christmas LED lights!

I don’t know what boulder I’ve been living under. I’ve just discovered battery-powered LED Christmas lights. My friend, Gwenn, was telling us at our annual Christmas Bee Party (basically, we are friends who quilt) this week.

“I have them all over my house. I love them,” Gwenn said.

Since I don’t frequent hardware establishments unless hubby gives me a very detailed list, I didn’t have a clue what they were. Bells went off in my head as I looked at our mantle … decorated … but certainly lacking in the “sparkle” arena. Note the “before” and “after” shots.

My only complaint with the LED lights I purchased is you have to have a very teeny tiny cross-point (Philips) screwdriver (not included in the box). I struggled with my tiny sewing machine (common) screwdriver for 45 minutes before my husband came home from work. Give me a sewing machine over a screwdriver any day. I did get two screws out, but it was a struggle. Also, each LED strand requires 4 AA batteries.

Bottom line … love the lights! Get some before they run out!

Poinsettias for a good cause

I’ve been in the Christmas spirit for nearly a week. So if you catch me humming a little Christmas tune in the grocery store … just pinch me and I promise to stop. Just finished putting the finishing touches on our home for Christmas. No presents under the tree yet. UPS and FedEx are busy assisting with that project.

The last decorating issue was the purchase of several lovely poinsettias. I bought them the other day at the Brookwood Store in Old Town Spring. The shop is open year-round, but really sparkles this time of year. They sell flowers, plants, garden statues and lots of interesting handcrafted gifts. Did I mention the poinsettias come in several different “flavors” with names like Red Glitter, Ice Crystal Pink, good old dependable red, pink, white and sometimes even exotic poinsettias called Monet and da Vinci? What I wouldn’t give to be a lady bug on the glass ceiling of their greenhouses!

Brookwood (www.brookwoodcommunity.org) also has lovely retail stores located in Brookshire, Houston, Spring, and Katy all benefitting adults with special needs. It’s an organization with a mission near and dear to my heart. They have a residential facility and vocational program located 40 miles west of Houston. I used to dream that it would be a place our Mimi would someday thrive when hubby and I were too old and crackled to care for her. That special place has yet to be revealed.

So for now … we joyfully wait … for the reason for the season!