Reuben Sliders and pretzel rolls

Has anyone tried those new pretzel rolls that seem to be all the rage? I have seen them on a couple of fast food commercials and they just look yummy. So when I was cruising on the Internet looking for football snack recipes, imagine my surprise when I paused at a photo of a Rueben slider on a pretzel roll. Quickly wiping the drool off my computer keyboard, I slammed the print button. No one likes fun food more than our family … especially during football season.

I found “Sister Schubert’s” Pretzel Rolls in the frozen bread section of my local grocery store. One bag of 6 mini rolls cost about $3.00. The frozen little rolls thaw quite nicely several different ways. I loaded each up with pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and some spicy mustard. I know … Rueben sandwiches demand Thousand Island or Russian dressing. We just like ours with spicy mustard. Oh, and then pop the little darlins’ in the microwave to melt the cheese. Be prepared to make them often!

The original recipe was adapted from

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