Not Sleeping in Paris

Last year when we traveled to Paris for our 40th anniversary, we poured over Rick Steves’ travel book planning our trip. As he suggested, we stayed in the Rue Cler neighborhood and booked a room at the Hotel Relais Bosquet ( The hotel is close to a Metro station and within easy walking distance to the Eiffel Tower. The Rue Cler area is filled with quaint little restaurants. A gelato shop and French pastry shop (complete with bees buzzing amongst the pastries) were our top favorites, although we had to leave the cheese shop when we started to drool. There was also lots of great boutique shopping.

Did I mention the hotel even had a lovely breakfast? Not being a coffee drinker, I had my own pot of hot chocolate every morning. Hubby had his pot of coffee.

Try booking a room on the ground floor. It was small but newly renovated and very modern.

There is one negative aspect of European travel I have noticed and just have to mention. The beds tend to be hard as rocks. Haven’t slept on one that you could minimally sink into yet and we don’t hang out in hostels. I mean if you love sleeping on a board, you will be right at home. But that may be the point … who wants to sleep when there are art museums that make your eyes glaze over from all the eye candy, sidewalk cafes to linger in and people watch, and architecture that will knock your socks right off your feet!

3 thoughts on “Not Sleeping in Paris

  1. I wish I could go to Paris to explore and see some good sights. The pastries look yummy and sweet. I guess I would have tried the pastry with strawberries on the top. Eiffel tower, lovely breakfast, good hotel, pastries and Rose petal shaped gelato cone sound good to me.

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