Name that quilt!

I need some help naming a quilt. For you non-quilters out there, just like books, quilts need a name, or a title, if you will. Short and sweet words work best. It’s for a quilt that I’ll be donating to my special needs daughter’s day center. They have a fundraising gala each November and it’s something personal I like to contribute.

So several years ago I purchased a collection of thirty Kaffe Fassett fat quarters. The man is an amazing textile artist that does the most interesting things with color and pattern. If his use of color doesn’t cause your eyes to dilate, the designs will knock your shoes and socks right off your tootsies!

Earlier this year I used part of Kaffe’s collection to make a quilt for our special needs daughter’s room. I used a scrappy pattern entitled “Spider Star Quilt” from Edyta Sitar’s book “Friendship Strips & Scraps.”

Mimi's Spider Star Quilt

With all the leftover fabric from Mimi’s quilt, I made the simple quilt below with 2-1/2” strips. The beige print really makes the colorful blocks pop!

Some of my thoughts about the quilt title include: Kaffe’s Windows, or maybe Garden of Delights. Any thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Name that quilt!

  1. How about naming it to honor Mimi since it’s going to her school for the fundraiser? Maybe something like “Mimi’s Flower Garden” etc. Just a thought. I love that quilt…especially since I was lucky enough to see it up close and personal.

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