Macarons, marshmallows and mini cupcakes … oh my!

I’m getting a new kitchen floor this week so I have to stay out of the house. Twenty inch ceramic tiles … it’s gonna be awesome. At least it will be very nice right about Wednesday afternoon when the refrigerator makes it way out of the living room and back into the kitchen!

It’s one of the reasons I wound up driving all the way into Houston today. I got to play with my daughter Katie. On one of our stops we wound up at Petite Sweets for like two hours just hanging out and catching up on life. I love days when I get a little “Katie time.” It is so soothing to my soul.

If you have never been to Petite Sweets (, it is located at 2700 West Alabama. It is a mini cupcake, macaron, whoopee pie, cakeball kinda place, and oh, so much more! Kendall was the sweetie pie behind the counter that gave us the grand tour. Personally, I so respect a place that makes homemade pistachio marshmallows. Don’t you?

After making our selections, Katie and I settled down at a table with the small assortment of sweet delights. My personal favorite was the salty caramel macaron and the oatmeal whoopie pie. I took home a chocolate toffee cakeball and a red velvet macaron for hubby. Next time I’m loading up on some of their mini cupcakes.

Life … it doesn’t get any better than hangin’ with your daughter and sharing a whoopie pie.

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