Buc-ee’s … a Texas treasure

On our way home from San Antonio to Houston we stopped at Buc-ee’s in Luling. It’s one of their flagship stores. They call Buc-ee’s a convenience store. Heck, they call it lots of things, but a convenience store doesn’t immediately come to my mind. It’s more like one of those special hometown places that has a lot of everything … gas, ice, snacks, Buc-ee’s t-shirts and other memorabilia, fishing and camping gear … probably even school supplies … but I could be wrong about that last one.

They are famous for their Beaver Nuggets which are caramel and butter-glazed corn puffs. I grabbed a large bag along with some BBQ glazed jerky.

“Ricky and I munched out on a bag when we drove out to California about a year back. The stuff is awesome,” my husband stated.

Honestly, I felt like a bee in the middle of a very busy hive walking through the place. The place was buzzing with people and goodies. There is a bakery counter with tasty-looking treats like pecan pie Kolaches, blueberry scones and an assortment of cookies. I loved the sign that read “Glad to heat your Kolache or pastry upon request.” Heck, they had me at Kolache.

There was a counter with a couple young ladies making all kinds of BBQ sandwiches. Hubby got the pulled pork and I ordered a turkey for the road. Wish we had the time to drive into Luling proper for some of their righteous BBQ but it was not to be.

Did you know Buc-ee’s is famous for the “Cleanest Restrooms in America?” I can attest to that one. First time I entered the restroom “Ode to Joy” starting playing in my head. There were tons of stalls with red and green lights signifying an “opening.” No more quick peeks under the door for a vacancy. And my stall had a pile of toilet paper rolls and hand sanitizer. Their billboard is really true … the “#1 reason to visit Buc-ee’s is #1 and #2.” A little cornball Texas humor … but it totally works.

Of course with billboard signs from Houston to Luling like “Ice, beer, jerky: The 3 Food Groups” and “If It Harms Beavers, We’re Against It,” we were destined for a pit stop. Besides, we have a son still stationed in the Middle East and Buc-ee’s was the perfect place to fill up his next care package with goodies. I even threw in some official Buc-ee’s napkins. A mom can’t be too sure with those sequestration cutbacks if the government is going to cut back on our airmen’s napkins. Just saying.

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