These biscuits are not for wimps

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA “Can I make a request for dinner? Would you make those cheese and pepper biscuits tomorrow? We can have breakfast for dinner,” Rick said.

My husband of 40 years was born and raised in Texas and loves biscuits of all persuasions.

We have this Texas cookbook with a great recipe for Cheddar and Black Pepper Biscuits. I’d have to say it’s the black pepper that gives them a lot of character and a little bit of sass. Check the recipe tab of this blog to find out how to make your own!

The biscuits were paired with the most wonderful whole sour cherry preserves on the planet. The label says they were imported from Serbia. Actually we purchased the preserves from a specialty store just because the jar was so darn beautiful. Turned out what is in the inside of the jar is just as awesome. Close your eyes and picture pitted sweet cherries swimming around in a pool of the richest, darkest cherry juices. I know … made me tear up also.

Now all you need are a couple of eggs over easy and some orange juice in a wine glass. How about a toast … to love, life and family!

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