A scarf for Elyse

I’ve been knitting since I was a little girl. My mother taught me … which wasn’t exactly easy since I am a lefty and she is a righty. My very first project was a long scarf made from bits and pieces of mom’s stash of leftover yarn. The scarf was a yarn cornucopia of different colors and textures. By the time it was finished the poor thing had a bunch of holes from dropped stitches. Oh, and the width had grown about five inches from splitting so many stitches. But I was so proud of that first knitting project! Betcha nine dollars I still have that scarf around here somewhere.

I have made my grown-up daughter a couple of warm scarfs. Katie was in New York recently visiting family when her lovely little niece asked her where she bought her scarf.

“My mom made me it for me,” Katie answered.

“Oh, can she make me one?” Elyse asked.

Her brother, Josh, also put in a scarf request. Katie told them she would ask upon returning to Texas.

Now Elyse and her little brother had warm and toasty little store-bought hats and mittens. But it seems scarfs for young ones are not so common. When Katie returned from frigid New York of course I said yes. I mean … how can you refuse two of the cutest kids on the planet? And besides … their little necks were cold.

Elyse put in her order for hot pink or gray. Her brother Josh requested navy.

Not having a clue how long and wide to make a child’s scarf, I first had to figure out a few things like how wide, long, what type of yarn and needle size. I learned from good old Mr. Google 4 to 6 inches wide and 36 inches long was a pretty good standard for a child. Not to say Google is an authority on child’s scarfs … but I had to trust someone.

My next stop was my favorite yarn shop just north of Houston, Twisted Yarns (www.twistedyarnstexas.com). My eyes glaze over from all gorgeous yarn colors whenever I go into the place. The nice ladies just led me around by the hand and helped me pick out a wool-type yarn that was washable and dryable. My head cleared enough to drive by the time I got out the door.

I struggled in the beginning with Elyse’s scarf getting the correct width and pulled the stitches out several times and started over. It was all worth it when I went to the mailbox recently. There was the cutest thank you card from Elyse for the hot pink scarf. Josh’s navy scarf is about halfway finished. Hope to get it in the mail before New York City has its first thaw. Below is the simple pattern I used.

Super Simple and Fast Scarf Pattern for Child

Yarn – something washable and dryable and soft – approximately 375 yards.
Needles – US#7 (or size needed to achieve gauge); I like the short needles for scarfs.
Gauge – 20 sts / 4” in stockinette stitch.
Finished size – approximately 5” wide by 36” long.

Cast on 46 stitches. Even rows: K2, P2; rep from * to last st, K2. Odd rows: P2, K2; rep from * to last st., P2. Cast off after length measures approximately 36”. Bind off all sts.

Next year I’ll start clanking my needles together early and include some fancy stitches to knock their little knitted socks off!

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