Brisket, ribs and sausage … oh my!

We are serious about our barbecue at the Frantz house. It’s definitely a Texas thang handed down through the ages. The photos are from last year’s family BBQ tour. Luling City Market is rated one of the top five in the state. I sincerely concur with Texas Monthly magazine’s assessment.

My husband … now he has some mean skills on the grill. My favorite is his brisket. Me … I am in charge of the sides. I make a downright righteous potato salad. Still working on my cole slaw.

It’s one of the things our son is missing at the moment. Ricky is in the Air Force and getting close to halfway through a six-month deployment in the Middle East. I’m not allowed to tell where exactly. Yep, but I’m keeping track of the days till his return on the chalkboard Santa got me for Christmas this year. Only 114 more days … but who is counting?

Thanks to modern technology, we FaceTime chat with Ricky every Sunday morning around the breakfast table, slurping juice and crunching breakfast cereal, before heading to church. This past week he had a request.

“Mom, I need some more barbecue sauce. I donated my last two bottles to our squadron’s New Year’s feast,” Ricky said.

When Ricky got there before Thanksgiving he mentioned the food was terrible.

“They boil all the meat. I don’t know why. The barbecue sauce will help mask some of the blandness,” said our son.

It’s why I mailed our son several more bottles of KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce this week. I’m his official barbecue sauce supplier. Thought it was interesting when the postal clerk asked me if the box contained any perfume or liquids.

“Does barbecue sauce count as a liquid?” I glared, narrowing my eyeballs in his direction.

I knew the answer and wondered what he was going to do about it. After about thirty seconds he just shrugged his shoulders and stamped the package with postage. Guess BBQ sauce might be on the official liquid exemption list … or maybe he knew better not to mess with an airmen’s momma.

Now if I can just figure out how to mail Ricky one of his dad’s briskets …

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