Nothin’ quite like my sister’s …

Potato RollsMy little sister, Gretchen, is an exceptional cook. She has one standout recipe that is a Frantz family favorite. In fact, it adorns our table most all of the major holidays … Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Groundhog’s Dog … you get the picture.

Yep, I seem to recall a time or two when the family was in menu development mode it was the item we built the whole meal around. Gretchen’s shining gem of a recipe is … official drum roll please … potato rolls. Bet you thought I was going to say something like rack of lamb or that beef dish only Julia Child can pronounce.

The legend goes that many years ago Gretchen took a mediocre recipe and substituted real butter for shortening or some other oily substance. Then she turned right around and, kinda like Tinkerbell with her Disney magic wand, made another change. The sugar component vanished and in was poured fragrant sticky honey. It’s hard to decide what makes these rolls sing the loudest … the butter … or the honey. We took a poll at our house once and the honey won. Those bees really know what they are doin’.

Don’t take my word for it. I won $25 in a recipe contest held by our local newspaper many years ago with the potato rolls. Our oldest was two or three at the time. I gave the winnings to my sister. Katie and I got our picture in the newspaper. I made sure our daughter was perched on the kitchen counter covered in flour when the reporter was scheduled to come by. Nothing says “major cute” than a two-year-old dusted with a little Gold Medal flour.

Gretchen gave me permission to share the recipe but I have to warn you they take some effort. Check the recipe tab of this blog. There is yeast, some kneading, and rising twice involved. You will not be disappointed.

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