Pink boas and tiaras

Happy Halloween!!! Leaving a trail of feathers as I wheeled Mimi down the driveway this morning to her bus, I had to admit the girl was looking mighty fine. Mimi was all decked out in a long pink feather boa and sparkly tiara. Then there was Mimi’s bus driver, Miss Beverly. She was kinda scary-looking dressed all in black with a long black wig and colorful mask. Strange … she must have cast a spell on me. I can’t remember if the mask was orange or pink.

So anyway, today the day center Mimi attends is going to be partying hardy. This year Mimi is a princess for Halloween. Actually, she totally fits the part without the garb. Last year Mimi was an angel … same boa and tiara … but since she has gotten a new wheelchair, the pink angel wings keep falling off the back. I hate when that happens.

Halloween is Mimi’s most favorite holiday. It’s not so much about the candy, although she would totally eat chocolate anything for breakfast if we let her. I’ve never seen Mimi’s baby blues any wider then when she is chugging chocolate milk. We have surmised Mimi’s fascination with Halloween is because she can’t pronounce Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Valentine’s Day. Actually, she calls every holiday “Halloween,” but we know what she means.

Except for a year in Michigan when Mimi was a tot, we’ve lived on the same block since she was born with cerebral palsy 28 years ago. And we’ve tricked and treated for all but the past couple of years. It takes two people to get her and the wheelchair up the curbs so now Mimi helps hand out the candy. Actually, if the truth were told, Mimi could care less about the candy. She was always more interested in the bear hugs from the neighbors. Oh, and then there are the neighbors who dress up their dogs. That always got ginormous squeals from Mimi.

Yep, I suspect by the time Mimi gets home from the day center, the tiara will be a bit bent and there will not be one feather left on the boa. Next year I’m buying a six pack of both.

3 thoughts on “Pink boas and tiaras

  1. Another winner Dixie. Oh, and Happy Halloween Mimi………wish I could be there to give you a hug…..but i’ll have to ask your mom to do it for me……………..

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